A surprisingly rapid response on behalf of my MP (Tweeting a link to my letter may have helped)

Not feeling too reassured but I’m not sure what else he could say! Disappointed at the response to a People’s Vote and potential impact even though the membership have asked for this via the Party Conference!

Suppose we need to pile on the pressure like never before

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for your email regarding the current situation we find ourselves regarding Brexit. Ian’s position is laid out in greater detail on his website (link below) but he has asked me to address your points more specifically. There is no doubt that the deal brokered by this Government over the last 2 years is damaging to Gateshead and the North East. The Labour Party position at the moment looks to be to oppose the current deal, and call for a general election. While Ian can see the argument for a “Peoples Vote”, he has significant concerns over any second referendum on the same issue. The last referendum was divisive, and it is likely that a second referendum would be worse still. However, it is right that all options remain on the table at the moment. The first step of course is to vote down the deal in it’s current form. It would be difficult to speculate as to what happens next until this point has been reached, which Ian expects to be before Christmas.

Ian thanks you for taking the time to get in touch in great detail, and if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best wishes,


Kris Lavery
Senior Parliamentary Assistant
Office of Ian Mearns MP for Gateshead
12 Regent Terrace
0191 477 0651

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