And it’s not even a full moon

Here is a summary of the more wild theories floating around today after a rather bizarre set of events. I’m not sure what the whole thing says about my media and social media habits but I’ll admit that I like to seek opinions far and wide including those from individuals who may have a touch of madness in their hearts.

-The EU will fast track it’s army plans and stage a political coup to keep us chained to Brussels

-The whole situation is a plot by George Soros to further tighten the EU’s grip on our democracy. Once he’s finished with us he will move on to Italy

-Catalonia are to blame for our populace getting a bit too big for their boots

-David Davis is pulling the strings behind the scenes

-Jacob Rees-Mogg is a secret Remainer and is using any platform he can get to increase the number of Remain supporters by acting like a ‘toffee-nosed prig’

-Ireland are being stubborn so they can eventually get NI to hold a Unity vote

-Jeremy Corbyn is having an affair with May and they have a pact to get some kind of fudge Brexit

-Any People’s Vote will have ‘Remain’ as the first choice on the ballot paper so people are more likely to choose it

-Barnier is bluffing about the 4 pillars of the EU being maintained and will ride to May’s rescue

-The U.K. May as well join the Euro and have done with it

-The Queen will decide it’s time to form a Government of her choosing

-The Lords constitution has been made up over decades to thwart any attempt to leave the EU

-David Cameron regrets calling for the referendum

-May knows what she is doing

Bizarre I know! We shall see what comes next

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