Quotes from today in the mania that is Brexitlandia

Following on from yesterday’s adventure here are some of the most interesting quotes made by various people today. Comments in brackets are a little bit of commentary from me.

– Iain Duncan Smith (demonstrating the same level of insight he did in his role as Minister for the DWP) “I detect in the last 24 hours people have decided this isn’t going to work out”

-Jacob Rees-Mogg (now taking advice from taxi drivers from the peasant stock) ” A taxi driver said to me he did;’t vote for deal or no-deal, he voted to leave, and that’s what he expects to happe… the world will carry on. Business will carry on.” (For a venison sausage JRM would probably stand on said taxi driver to stop his brogues being sullied by the filth of the people)

-Unnamed Tory MP (obviously lacking the courage of their convictions) “We simply cannot allow [them] to treat us like this. They simply cannot stand. [They] should really know their place.” (Who was he talking about? Our Irish cousins)

-Unnamed senior Tory (see above) to Robert Peston “With the vote postponed, are the promises to my colleagues of peerages and knighthoods still good?”

-John (occasionally canny) Bercow in response to Phillip Hammond telling the House to vote for May’s deal “We’ll, it’s quite difficult to vote for something, if there isn’t a vote.”

-Phillip (I might lose my job if this goes pear shaped) Hammond “it’s a deal that can bring the country back together”

-Rory Stewart (who?), Justice Minister (apparently) “In a fantasy dream scenario I would be using the Speaker to lock all the members of Parliament in the chamber for as long as it takes for a papal vote until we come to some sort of agreement” (no communication for the next 12 months sounds good to me)

-Nathalie Loiseau, French EU Minister “Today we are not accountable for the British political situation” (almost all of us realise this but a few hardcore Brexiteers still cling to the idea we have been cheated by the EU)

-Donald Tusk “Clear the EU27 want to help. The question is how” (May won’t be able to help him with this

-JC Junker (repeating what numerous other EU officials have been saying since at least 3pm yesterday to the deaf ears of Mrs May and her pals) “No room whatsoever for renegotiation” (from the outset the EU have always been clear and have stuck to their word unlike some of their British colleagues)

– Jacob Rees-Mogg “I think it’s a bit undignified for the PM to go rushing off around Europe” (We all remember how dignified he was last week when ‘he shot his bolt’- Sheilagh Fogherty- by championing a very public failure to secure a coup by his ERG loons)

– The incredible Mark ‘Artist Taxi Driver’ “What a shitshow.” (A regular comment from the Twitter legend)

– The incredible Mark ‘Artist Taxi Driver’ “May is literally hiding in the toilet”

And on and on and on…. Interesting times my friends

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