Little wonder the EU has a bit of a bad reputation

An EU working group led by TORY MEP Daniel Hannan has been ordered to repay over €535,000 in expenses claimed for events that had little to actually do with the EU itself.

From the guardian here are 2 of the reasons why the money must be repaid in full and why the shady group will not receive a further contribution of almost €200,000:

“Among [EU] parliament’s objections was €250,000 spent on a three-day event at a luxury beach resort in Miami. While the keynote speaker was listed as former Spanish prime minister, José María Aznar, the conference had “an almost exclusively American audience”, the parliament found, with an agenda that hardly mentioned the EU.

It also questioned €90,000 spent on a trade “summit” at a five-star hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kampala, where a largely British delegation met African delegates to discuss post-Brexit trade.

The “Great Lakes Trade summit” in Kampala brought together a mostly African audience to meet 20 British politicians and participants, with only three attendees from continental Europe.”

And it’s the Tories who are dragging us out while they lap up belinis and gourmet scram!


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