Saturday update

The continued shifting sands of Brexit in a nutshell:

-Tory MPs threaten to go on strike next week and not sit in Parliament

-Parliament May still break early for Christmas! Obviously there’s nothing else to discuss now that May’s ‘deal’ is suffering from a terminal illness! Let’s forget that homelessness has risen 20% in the last year, the NHS is already at crisis point before winter truly begins and a significant percentage of Grenfell residents are still in temporary accommodation! Obviously we can forget that Food Banks are seeing record numbers of visits from people visiting after they finish work!

-Perhaps the group of striking MPs, nicknamed the ‘Suicide Squad’, has already made holiday plans on the understanding that they could enjoy an early bath only to be told they couldn’t.

-Lib Dems have been calling for Christmas to be cancelled in Westminster so necessary Brexit legislation can be passed and the ‘meaningful’ vote can go ahead despite being meaningless.

-Amber Rudd is constantly doing the media rounds- leadership bid perhaps? Get her off my TV.

-May intends to adopt, still, a My Way or damnation approach to the meaningless vote.

-Michael Gove continues to be pointless while trying to sell May’s ‘deal’ to Scottish farmers almost entirely dependent on EU subsidies.

– It will cost every UK resident €8 for a 3 year visa that isn’t to be called a visa allowing travel in the EU. For a family of 4 with an EHiC Card added as an extra this will cost more than their entire EU contributions for ONE year! Not exactly value for money

-The Mail and Telegraph turn against May in an act of the real world seeping into their conscience

-SODEM Steve’s long pole protest makes it onto the front page of the NT Times (the man is a hero)

-Despite Norway nixing any chance of a similar deal for the UK there is talk of a Norway Blue deal! Obviously folk are sick of symbols so we are now reduced to colours.

-Junker opens his statement yesterday by saying they ‘certainly weren’t dancing’ much to the relief of everyone

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