A quiet day on the Brexit front apart from….

-David Davies, no longer a minister of any kind at all, and Owen Patterson, also no minister of any kind at all, benefitted from an all expenses paid trip to the USA last month. Where did the financial support come from? Well you can be relieved that it wasn’t the taxpayer on this occasion. So who was it? An American agribusiness firm with an open interest in reducing U.K. standards so they can gain financially. Hmmmmmm

– The ONS reveal that for the last 8 quarters (read 2 years) households have been spending more than we earn by either dipping into savings or using credit. Perhaps this is the last splurge before a period of extreme hardship brought in by Brexit.

-The Government continues with it’s farcical Gatwick management strategy much to the worry of everyone concerned with how we could cope with a disorderly Brexit.

-HMRC has urged businesses to act NOW in case of a No Deal Brexit. Their suggested actions include that they may need extra staff to cope with extra paper work (additional cost), to start applying for export/import licences (additional cost), prepare for disrupted supply chains (causing additional cost), compile a list of component codes for every part of anything they manufacture (additional cost due to time required) and consider employing a customs agent (additional cost). This is not an exhaustive list and some concerns have been raised about unknown costs as well. I don’t think firms will want to or be able to absorb these costs which will almost certainly be passed on to consumers and limit exports.

-NHS staff have been requested to ‘reassure patients’ that everything will be fine post-Brexit prompting one doctor on Twitter to state that they deal ‘in facts. Not spin.’ Sounds like a reasonable stance to take.

-England’s Chief Medical Officer is ‘worried’ that Brexit will interrupt the medical supply chain which will endanger patient’s lives. You can only assume that someone with her position of responsibility she knows what she is talking about.

-Whitehall has declared that post-Brexit it will be important for citizens to enjoy a ‘varied diet’. One can only assume this is more about the reduction in availability rather than a healthy living strategy.

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