How many red lines can be drawn?

The Brexit negotiations have been mired in so called ‘red lines’ drawn by almost everyone! Some have been drawn in permanent marker but lots have been placed on paper in crayon or pencil which can be conveniently erased.

The prime example of a red line that wasn’t actually a red line is the one drawn by May over the Irish border which she quickly abandoned in order to secure a ‘deal’ at any cost!

We thought this game of posturing and bluff had taken a festive break but the ERG, never one to disappoint, have declared a new and quite frankly pointless one within the last 24 hours.

Despite knowing there is zero chance of it begging respected the latest one has seen the ERG demand a veto over all EU laws introduced during the Transition Period.

Utterly pointless? Yes! The acceptance of EU laws during this time was one of the earliest agreements in this farcical process and is just as likely to be abandoned than Mogg donating his vast wealth to provide scholarships to impoverished students from the North.

What is the point? At this stage it can only be an attempt for the ERG to remain relevant despite their total irrelevance.

My only red line is no Brexit at all! I might as well draw one of my own and add to the mess and absolute confusion as we head into the last 90 days before disaster!

And where are our representatives at this time of national crisis? Taking a ‘well-deserved’ rest from their well paid betrayal of our country that’s where

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