All aboard

The £108million ferry situation is due to the ‘extreme urgency of an unforeseen situation’!!!! Who says this? Our very own Department for Transport! Yup

Two years and now we foresee the foreseeable!

These contracts were negotiated quickly with an 80% focus on cost and 20% on quality and because of the tendering process this whole thing could be challenged at the ECJ! I kid you not

Oh and on top of the supply issues for medicine and food, the significant border delays and custom checks, the impact on traffic in and around major ports, Ramsgate will become a major port (with it’s 3 Ferry berth capacity) and DFDS are getting their payment in Euros because of the instability of the pound!

This aspect of ‘Project Fear’ unsurprisingly turns out to be nothing of the sort!

Makes you wonder about all those times we tried to laugh off the stockpiling comments people have made over the last few years and months

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