Bollocks2Brexit Panto Villain of 2018- Runners Up

This has been a tough decision with so many contenders even for shortlisting!

Here are a just a few of our runners up:

David Davis- for total lack of effort

Boris Johnson- for openly racist chest-beating

Nadine Dorries- for being absolutely clueless about anything and everything Brexit related yet still offering her opinion

Dominic Raab- for having no idea why Dover was important

John Redwood- for refusing to debate anything outside of what he is ‘prepared’ to discuss and urging British businesses to invest abroad

Phillip Hammond- dismissed early for refusing to be optimistic about the impending doom

Jeremy Hunt- for so many reasons

Nigel Farage- for being an utter racist charlatan

Liam Fox- for doing precisely zero

Iain Dale (LBC)- for being indignant about everything

Ken Clarke- for pledging to back May’s ‘deal’ after spending his entire career as a committed Europhile

Kate Hoey- for being a Tory in disguise and trying to undermine the Labour Party at every opportunity

The BBC- for a complete lack of impartiality

James Dyson- for shipping his business offshore to ‘reduce costs’

Michael Gove- for virtually guaranteeing lower food standards while pretending the opposite is true

Gisela Stuart- for virtually disappearing so she doesn’t have to defend her part in the whole mess

Tim Martin- for promising that Wetherspoons will only sell British booze then doing nothing about it

Chris Grayling- The No Ferries Ferry Option

Michael Caine- for saying he would be happy for people to be poorer outside of the EU than richer in it (while being rich in any eventuality)

Nigel Lawson- for pontificating about the evils of the EU from his permanent home in France

The list could go on and on!

For 2nd place and our worthy winner check back later today

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