Peak desperation reached today

Being told to sod off by everyone isn’t enough for our Theresa as she, yet again, attempts to slide through European solidarity over her appalling ‘deal’. Having already been rebuffed by quite a number (undisclosed) of EU Leaders before New Year, as she seeks any shred of compromise, she’s at it again today!

Having been told categorically that there was no further negotiation possible by Junker yesterday, May is taking advantage of her unlimited free mobile minutes today! More mercy calls are expected over the weekend! Not the best negotiating tactic even by Davis’ standards!

Not taking ‘non’ for an answer May is embarrassingly prostrating herself in front of anyone mad enough to take her call.

One Downing Street source implied that ‘expectations are being kept deliberately low‘ which is a good job as the EU 27 are united in their stance! Yet still she tries (insert your own simile).

And in a further, but entirely predictable, development Sammy Wilson told the BBC he was “more alarmed” than ever about what the deal would mean for Northern Ireland. He also said there was no way whatsoever the DUP would support May’s ‘deal’.

What was that, now comical, thing about Strong and Stable?

“What’s that? Even Phillip won’t take my call? FFS”

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