We have entered the Twilight Zone

Theresa May today reached out to Unions to talk about securing Worker’s Rights


Thank goodness, but not surprisingly, not a single one of them were fooled for even a second and even managed to be polite despite this stunning development.

I represent 620,000 working people and it’s about time their voices were heard. After nearly three years I’m glad the prime minister finally picked up the phone. As you would expect, I was very clear about GMB’s position – the deal on the table isn’t good enough and non-binding assurances on workers’ rights won’t cut it.

Next May will be championing single mothers and congratulating migrants on their contributions to society!

She might recognise the inherent evil of the ‘Hostile Environment’, apologise for Windrush, fund the NHS properly, stop lying or even admit homelessness is a problem!

She might stop just short of screeching like a banshee during PMQs or stop blaming everything on the last Labour Government. However, we probably need to consider that anything could be possible

I thought I’d heard it all but obviously not!

I think we should expect the unexpected to become even more unexpected over the next few days as she continues to face a massive commons defeat on Tuesday.

Sky News estimated she could lose by over 220 votes so let’s just see how far from her principles she’s prepared to stray.

Whatever else I don’t think she’ll admit watching I, Daniel Blake though

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