The worst metaphor used yet and the ‘calm’ before the storm

Even on the slowest of days Brexit manages to annoy people left right and centre (no pun intended).

– Billionaire Peter Hargreaves, who donated £3.2m to Leave campaign, thinks there will be no Brexit. He said: ‘I have totally given up. I am totally in despair, I don’t think Brexit will happen at all’. What a colossal waste of money in anyone’s book.

-Jeremy Hunt tried to ramp up the pressure on MPs by saying it’s May’s ‘deal’ or No Deal but the added “Up until now people have been quite rightly worried about the prospects of no deal but now there is another possibility coming into sight, actually no Brexit.” I’m certainly ok with option three. He was later condemned by Downing Street. When such a poster boy for destruction is called out you know times must be hard. He then sealed his own fate with the worst metaphor of this entire Brexit shambles so far- ‘Lassie wasn’t happy and she broke free without any kind of referendum and she came home, there is a lesson for all of us’

– Reports today suggest that MEPs have been called to Downing Street and told they must prepare to fight an election in May which is well after the 29th March withdrawal date. Is this a sign of reality reaching the inner sanctum?

– UK police advise shops to hire extra security for no-deal Brexit.

– Caroline Lucas correctly condemns the moral failure of the Remain movement to defend free movement. This has been a huge omission and, if this is because it is contentious, then people need to remember that every aspect of this is contentious. Freedom of Movement is one of the most important things for the youth vote and others.

And through all this all indications are that May is facing one of the biggest defeats in Parliamentary history.

It’s gonna be quite a week

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