Another day of outright Brexit madness (and a bit of clever thinking)

-Steve Baker says that the plan to be revealed on Monday will be Plan A Plus!!! How does adding the word ‘plus’ to anything make a difference?

-Guy Verhofstadt has said that he is prepared to deal directly with the House of Commons directly to secure the rights of EU/UK citizens! Great idea but you can hear the screams of rage from the Brexiteers! I’m ok with that! They’ve been treated abysmally

-Nadine Dorries thinks we should tell the EU to stuff their backstop (my words) which sounds typical of her usual quality of comment!

-Tory MP Richard Drax: “We will manage because we’re a great country. And we will survive.” This from a man whose hair me boasts an actual deer park! Survival might look a bit different for him than it does for everyone else

– May confirms she will stick to the same red lines that the EU have stated since day one would limit any negotiations. She claims they are what the people voted for despite randomly picking them from her blinkered mind.

-71 Labour MPs sign a letter to Jeremy Corbyn asking for a People’s Vote (we need more ASAP even if there are backers who didn’t sign)

– The DUP have already pointed out that if they voted No Confidence in tonight’s vote the government would have lost! The implication being we are in a hostage situation with extremists in control

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