12 things we always knew were absolute lies but have been proven yet again this week

-Fox is a fantasist (40 non-existent trade deals)

-Boris Johnson is a liar (Turkish Fear-mongering denial)

-May is strong and stable (worst negotiator ever and the only thing keeping her stable in those heels is the thick necklace she always favours wearing! Not to mention the biggest ever defeat in the House of Commons on Wednesday)

– Farage was finished with politics (but is now planing a comeback the equivalent of Stallone in Rocky 3)

– Rees-Mogg wasn’t interested in being a celebrity (his first weekly show is on LBC tonight)

-Scotland won’t want a second Independence Referendum (as Scotland start sketching out a timetable for IndyRef2)

-The Lib Dem’s had learned from their disastrous support for the Conservatives 2010-2015 (Vince Cable holds secret meetings with Downing Street to see how he can help May get her ‘deal’ through, utterly abandoning the pledge for a People’s Vote)

-Phillip Hammond was part of the team (concrete denial from Downing Street that his pledge to businesses that No Deal was off the table, is off the table. When was the last time he spoke to the press?)

-No panic about medicines running short (in the last month the number of medicines listed by the NHS as ‘critically short’ has jumped to 80 including some cancer medications and anti-depressants)

-The army won’t be deployed on our streets (on top of the allocation already determined reservists will be used)

-Social order is not in danger (supermarkets told to hire extra security staff)

-118 Tories had no confidence in May’s ‘deal’ (but despite being the only thing she has worked on for at least a year, they do)

But no list would be complete without the addition of ‘Brexit means Brexit’ while no one still knows what it means and never have

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