Yet more Brexit gloom to start the day (sorry)

As the day begins we are treated to more gloom that is definitely not Project Fear!

-The government is projecting itself to fail in it’s bid to register all 3.8 million EU citizens who want to stay in Britain post-Brexit by 2021. Campaign groups are likening this to a Windrush-style disaster on an inconceivable scale.

– The North East (where I’m from) is projected to lose 10.5% of the economic value of goods and services by 2034 in the event of a No Deal compared with the remaining a member of the EU under current terms. The CBI said this would be equivalent to a loss of output worth £7bn, about twice the amount spent on schools and education in the region each year.

– In the event of a No Deal situation cross-channel freight trade is projected to decrease by between 77-85% for six months. For anyone crying that this is Project Fear this comes directly from government estimates and has nothing to do with the no ferry ferry fiasco.

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