My anger hits DEFCON 6

In response to bribe ‘allegations’ which are not allegations, Downing Street blasts themselves a massive hole to bury themselves in!!!!

The prime minister’s spokesman stated “we are determined to lead a programme of national renewal, post-Brexit”, saying that May had a long-term commitment to tackle inequalities, and that “no community should feel that they are left behind”.

But only for communities that voted Leave!!!! And only now that she is the most desperate person in these fair isles!!!!

I live in one of those communities and we desperately need additional funds after years of neglect but if my MP accepts one of these immoral handout I will never vote for him again! Ever!!!

Absolutely disgusting to offer selective bribes in brown paper bags like this!!! Even more disgusting to accept them! Some things should not be for sale

How exactly will this heal the divisions caused by Brexit? It hardly brings people together like May promised!!!


N.B- DEFCON 6 has been specifically invented in response to this most divisive of developments

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