So, who the hell is in charge of Brexit now?

With a shade over 36 days to go it’s probably a good time to start examining this question and the answer is actually really clear. Scarily clear but clear nonetheless.

– The Labour ‘Defectors’? Nine MPs who have decided to leave the Labour Party and launch a new Party that isn’t a Party but could become a Party if they decide they want to become a Party sometime before their Party Convention that hasn’t been booked yet as they aren’t a Party. Yet. Well it certainly isn’t this bunch. The Labour MPs who broke free earlier this week spent precisely zero time discussing Brexit during their launch preferring to just slag off Jeremy Corbyn. While they all appear to be Remainers this wasn’t even a factor in their glitzy launch where their new logo was covered by a sheet of flip paper and their website crashed within minutes of their launch. It would be rude to mention that one of their number went on Live TV just after the big reveal and offended millions of people with a racist slur, so we won’t go there.

– The Tory ‘Defectors’? Three MPs who declared that they were ready to crush the Tory Party they loved so much. In fact so much so they said they wanted to ‘kill’ it). Again they are all Remainers but with their voting records showing absolute unswerving support for anything Tory-like and their position of influence from within the Party now gone, the sway these three votes hold in Parliament is virtually zero. Unless egos count for anything.

– The EU? To their credit, during what must have been the most frustrating time imaginable, the EU have been clear from the start on what is possible and what is not. They have negotiated in good faith, in line with their principles and are now bending over backwards to try and help out the U.K. but not at the expense of damaging the 27 others nations and their commitment to working together.

– The ERG? This group of hardcore extremists seem to be driving the agenda in the U.K. which was confirmed by Anna Soubry in her resignation speech. Sixty-odd white men with vested interests in personal financial gain and not much else beyond medieval ideology. They hold sway in the Party who are supposedly governing us but their numbers are too small to swing any vote too decisively over the line especially after their failed coup. Nasty capitalists who do no research and hate the EU for reasons unknown.

– Nigel Farage? 😂😂😂😂 He wishes

– The DUP? Potentially more important now than ever after May’s majority was reduced this week. Without the DUP any ‘deal’ May comes up with is doomed before the ink dries on the stone tablets they write on. They aren’t in control but they’re definitely in the passenger seat.

– High-Vis warriors? The media and politicians are taking this small group of thugs too seriously since they burst on the scene a month ago in a feeble imitation of the French Gillettes. If they don’t get what they want and do decide to riot then just arrest them and chuck them in jail. Simple solution for simple right-wing buffoons.

– The Lib Dems? Still not trusted after their guiding role in the Cameron-Clegg coalition despite being the only Party (that is a Party) backing a People’s Vote they are still nowhere in the polls. Vince Cable seems to be shrinking in significance and height at the same time.

– Labour? Somewhere on the path of their sequence of events we’re still a bit unsure about where they are going (although I live in hope). No chance of a General Election the next step was supposed to be a People’s Vote but with conflicting accounts coming from senior Labour sources every day you wouldn’t be mocked for feeling confused. the members have spoken but the outcome is still fuzzier than Boris Johnson’s hair.

– Residents of the U.K.? A nation divided with no recourse other than to Tweet and write letters to their MPs who either care or don’t. Terrible evidence that our democratic system is broken.

– Putin? Possibly still among the fray after today the High Court ruled that there was Russian interference in the referendum but because it was advisory in nature there is nothing they can do legally. Someone forgot to tell May about the advisory part obviously.

– Theresa ‘Strong and Stable’ May? Sadly it is still this madwoman in charge. Despite leading a bunch of clowns who haven’t done their homework, she is still in the driving seat. She seems to be made out of Teflon. She listens to no one and has brought us to this point knowing that there is no solution that will work, benefit the people or win a majority in Parliament. Her secret superpower? She doesn’t give a shit!

Where are the Avengers to defend us when we most desperately need defending from mass destruction?

We need help now but we shouldn’t give up hope. Now more than ever!

‘Autopilot engaged. Just keep flying into oblivion. If only we believe hard enough then Brexit will be great.’ May’s mantra just goes on and on.

Actually put me down for a great big ‘NO’! This disaster has to be stopped now but we are lacking a figurehead to do this. We are lacking someone prepared to say ‘enough is enough’ and try to come up with a plan that will prevent the social and economic Armageddon coming our way. If they had a way to unite the warring factions too then that would be a bonus.

We will Remain but, with no one to unite our country it will cost us dearly. And the blame for this lies firmly at the feet of Mrs May.

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