Countdown to Disaster- Day 2: Free Movement of People

In the run up to May’s next meaningless ‘meaningful’ vote, that is already looking unlikely to happen, Bollocks2Brexit will be exploring the main underlying issues that have led us to this point.

Today we consider the topic most likely to have affected the outcome of the referendum- ‘Free Movement of People’ (FoM)

To begin any discussion of this topic we need to separate this into the two distinct yet conveniently blurred aspects that comprise this aspect of Brexit. Free Movement of People is actually not just one thing but a combination of two things but to read any Leave material you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Firstly we have the ability of EU citizens to move across borders within the 28 member states without the need for costly visas and documentation checks. Most people benefit from this when they go on holiday to our neighbouring countries but it is essential to the frictionless trade described in yesterday’s Countdown post. The ability of business people to avoid lengthy queues in airports and other points of entry makes good business sense and if you’ve ever travelled with kids (like me) the less time spent queuing anywhere the better. The biggest change to this aspect of FoM will come from the non-resurrection of the Blue Passport that excites so many Leavers despite the fact that our passports have never been blue. Ever. They were always black but to suggest that to any Brexiteer is met with calls of being unpatriotic. By removing this aspect of FoM our passport is intrinsically worth less and our ability to travel restricted not to mention the reality that we will have to pay visa entry fees in future. But those blue passports…..

The second and more divisive aspect of FoM is around immigration. Despite the massive proven benefits of immigration some people just don’t like hearing people using foreign languages on their streets and want to achieve the nirvana of a whites-only Anglo-Saxon society. Immigration can be further broken down to those coming to the U.K. from the EU and those from outside the Union. We have full control of immigration from the rest of the world but successive governments have chosen, and failed, to do anything about this which is neglected in most discussions with Brexiteers. The problem lies with those immigrants from the EU exclusively and the EU are to blame rather than our ‘leaders’ apparently. We have the ability to control immigration from the EU in certain ways but, once again, successive governments have chosen not to use this (most likely because they see the benefits to society). This has led to the irrational bad feeling which affected the voting intentions of so many (statistical analysis will back this up.

By leaving the EU we will be able to curb migration through some very damaging systems suggested by successive Home Office ministers during the course of the last few years (see previous blog posts on quota systems and Sajjd Javid confirming he would be happy if his immigrant father was to be rejected by his plans if they had been imposed when he entered the country). Proponents of ending FoM would suggest various methods of cutting EU migration but fully neglect the proof of the benefits of immigration brings to our communities and societies. They dismiss any benefits as ‘fantasy’ but the reality is vastly different.

During the referendum campaign immigration was weaponised by the likes of Farage and Johnson and this has led to a significant increase in hate crimes against immigrants and a staffing crisis in the NHS unparalleled since it’s inception (Austerity is also to blame here) to provide just two downsides to this ideological drive for purity that is quite frankly sickening.

Brexiteers ignore the fact that immigration from outside the Eu outstrips that from within. They ignore the lack of action taken by successive governments. They ignore the economic advantages immigration provides and they do all of this to take back control of our streets in a way that will diminish and endanger us.

Recently Johnson claimed he never whipped up irrational fear by suggesting that 73 million Turkish citizens were on the cusp of invading us and stealing our benefits, jobs and national identity. With no respect at all I suggest that Johnson crawls back under the rock he came from.

FoM has been used as a means to an end by an elite, racist few to achieve their goal of Brexit and much damage has been done that is difficult to undo because in our modern world any attempt to refute a lie is classed as ‘ Fake News’ despite the expert opinions of many internati9nally respected academics.

But who needs experts anyway? Apparently no one

Abandoning FoM is a massive, dangerous, self-defeating exercise and May knows this but on she trots to the tune of her real Masters. The extremists seem to have won the battle and it is one of the worst features of this absolute calamity.

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