Corbyn hits Warp Factor 9 while May sticks to 1st gear

After two years of virtually bugger all happening things began to crawl and then jog but then all of a sudden Brexit has hit Warp Factor 9. Monday was the day that we might look back on as the pivotal day that everything changed and everything kicked into gear (apart from Mrs May).

Corbyn came out in favour of putting a vote back to the people. Despite his much debated motivations for doing this it is undoubtedly a great and promising move.

This was an early statement from Labour HQ that announced “Labour will also put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit”. This was immediately interpreted a dozen different ways by anyone with a microphone or a pulse who was in the vicinity of Whitehall.

There is much discussion about what form this vote will actually take but this statement was given to the PLP tonight:

Whatever form it does take though, some version of Remain would be on the ballot if it received enough support from MPs to pass.

Every pundit, MP and Tweeter seems to have a slightly different interpretation of what Monday’s announcement actually means as mentioned above. Will the Labour Party propose a Deal and when it fails to secure the necessary Parliamentary support (the arithmetic is stacked against this regardless of what they can conjure up in the next 14 days) then call for a referendum? Will they call for an extension to Article 50 and then call for one? Will they call for one and then push for an Article 50 extension to allow for the voting process to play out? Will they this? Will they that? Will they the other?

Nothing will be truly clarified until Wednesday or Thursday when proposals are put to the House of Commons but this Labour shift is definite progress.

So we are closer than ever to a People’s Vote- another issue is the name of this but that is something for another day. WITH Remain on the ballot but it ain’t over until it’s over folks as we know only too well.

While all of this was happening Team May travelled to the Middle East to keep chanting her latest but exceeding tired mantra.

“We will leave on time with the legal assurances we need.” This basically translates as “stall, stall, stall for stallings sake”.

Somethings never change while everything else changes around them. Let’s pin our hopes on Labour making good on Monday’s fairly unexpected development and that enough wind gets behind it!

Come on Jezza

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