The referendum “was just advisory” so illegality is ok according to May’s actions

Late last week the Court of Appeals ruled on a case brought privately against Theresa’s continuation with Brexit despite proven illegal practices during the referendum.

The “will of the people” (the 2016 referendum) has been accepted in court as being obtained through “corrupt and illegal practices” to a criminal standard of proof, that had the referendum been legally binding it would have been voided because of cheating. But it was only advisory, so has no legal standing. Only advisory so Cameron’s pledge that it was legally binding was a lie. Oh yes, and all of this should and could have been avoided if May had acted on the earlier clear rulings of the Electoral Commission rather than pretending that it was the actual ‘will of the people’.

Sir James Eadie QC (counsel for the PM) stated in court:

‘’The true position is that the Prime Minister is entirely well aware of the notorious facts … the well publicised facts. The Electoral Commissions findings, the fact of an appeal, police investigations, ICO, the DCMS committees. All clear publicly done and properly done and it is perfectly obvious that the Prime Minister has decided to carry on and that Parliament is proceeding and everyone is proceeding on that basis”.

The court conceded that the referendum process was unlawful but has also accepted that it was within the Prime Minister’s lawful powers to take this course of action after choosing to ignore the Electoral Commission’s findings because the referendum was only advisory.

Everything that followed was all down to Mrs May and she is entirely to blame for everything since. Beyond the blame she already should accept.

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