And the shambles rumbles on and on and on and on and on…

– JCB, the CEO one of the cheerleaders of Brexit, are not attending one of the biggest trade fayres in the world because they are worried that they won’t be able to get their equipment back across the Channel after B-Day.

– Nissan is reportedly seriously considering scaling back production at it’s flagship plant in Sunderland. This puts 400 more jobs in serious jeopardy.

– A huge decision over food safety standards is on it’s way despite assurances from Michael Gove that they would not be reduced (does anyone trust any Brexiteer?). The much publicised chlorinated chicken and hormone fed beef are the cornerstone of any US-UK free trade deal. We would also need to accept a return of artificial colourings too that we banned in 2007 after significant links to childhood hyperactivity were proven. But we now have the very real threat of accepting pork from Ractopamine injected pigs. This chemical has been banned over safety concerns by 157 countries including North Korea! North Korea! Dwell on that one. North Korea

– The American Ambassador went on live national radio today to misrepresent the statistics for US food poisoning caused by lower safety standards. Not much of an error- just about 13% The lies are not surprising in these days of Fake News but he went totally unchallenged by John Humphrys which he now has a reputation for. Thanks goodness for fact checkers

– A podcast by Liam Fox’s International Trade Department is yet more money flushed down the crapper as £100,000 and barely attracted 9,000 hits. A £100,000 podcast? Not exactly an efficient use of taxpayers money unless you’re Mr Fox who thinks it A really good use…. depending on who clicked on it! Awesome

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