The main reason why I have lost faith in democracy was only further confirmed on Wednesday

The indicative vote process dominated the news yesterday and it was an interesting example of how Parliament should have been working for the last 3 years. May outlined her stance over 1,000 days ago and hasn’t listened to anyone but the ERG since. Arlene Foster even hinted that she wasn’t sure if Theresa really pushed to have the Backstop removed but this was lost inside the flurry of reporting about the declaration that the DUP would be voting against May’s ‘deal’.

One of the things that would have been more prominent in the news if it wasn’t for May’s offer to resign, the DUP etc etc. was a further flipping of Mogg and Johnson. A total abandonment of their principles. I’ve posted previously about David Davis saying he would back the deal, then wouldn’t, then would, then wouldn’t. Yesterday saw the mother of all changes of heart by two key Brexiteers and their reasoning is quite frankly shocking.

Both Mogg and Johnson, the self-styled ‘ Grand Wizards’, stated that they would back May’s ‘deal’ so they could get any type of Brexit rather than no Brexit at all. Admittedly Mogg’s support was conditional on DUP support which will not be forthcoming but his reasoning should not be forgotten.

Why is this important? Previous comments about May’s ‘deal’ are hardly complimentary and seemed to rule out the pair ever supporting the Prime Minister. It’s worth reading them again just to appreciate how quickly and deeply they have utterly shredded their principles. And if they are prepared to do that then they would be prepared to give their souls to the Devil and do it for free. Actually, perhaps that’s going a bit far because in their world money is king and even thirty pieces of silver are still thirty pieces of silver.

Mogg on May’s ‘deal’ before yesterday:

It is neither workable nor respectful of the referendum result.

Agreeing to be subject to the rules of an EU Customs Union, in contravention of the 2017 Conservative manifesto, without any votes or influence is profoundly undemocratic. This is compounded by the lack of any ability for the UK to unilaterally escape, making the UK a permanent rule taker. PROFOUNDLY UNDEMOCRATIC

May’s ‘deal would leave the U.K. as a “Slave state

– It “Divides our country.”

We would be “Locked in Customs Union” and would be “Allowing ECJ to continue

– May would see the U.K. “Paying £39bn for a vacuous political statement that could mean anything to anybody

Not much wiggle room there to be honest. Mogg could not have made his feelings any clearer other than by supplementing his usual descriptions with a glossary for anyone who is listening. His newest stance is any kind of Brexit will do. Even if it does all of the things he sets out above.

Then we have Boris Johnson on May’s ‘deal’:

– A “stinker

– It would “keep Britain in the EU’s clutches forever

– It would also be a “Christmas present of the finest old Brussels fudge

– “Even after we leave – according to this so called deal – we will remain in a nonsensical ‘implementation period’ in which we will be effectively non-voting members of the EU

“For the first time in a thousand years we will have to accept foreign made laws – with no power to change or make those laws. We will be a vassal state – a colony – for at least 18 months, and probably more.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement of the plan he has pledged to back if it manages to make it back to Parliament for a third time. I’ll admit I Googled ‘vassal state’ to see what the hell it actually meant, but even without that phrase is pretty clear.

Johnson’s motivations were abundantly clear as May had barely finished saying “and I’ll resign if…” before he Tweeted out an endorsement designed to bolster his position as the next PM but Mogg’s reasoning is less clear. After transferring his business to Ireland in order to still benefit from EU trading laws after Brexit, you can only assume that some new financial opportunity has arisen that will see him coining it in while the rest of us suffer.

If May’s ‘deal’ is the dog dirt we all think it is, and this is confirmed by these two goons, then it will be just the same dog dirt if Theresa resigns. In effect Mogg and Johnson are, for their own reasons, happy to serve the British public a great big plate of dog dirt and smile slyly while doing it.

As for the pair ‘reluctantly’ backing the ‘deal’ they can shove that where the sun don’t shine. In a binary vote being reluctant makes no difference to the outcome. If you vote for something and get it then that is obviously what you get. Simple.

It is precisely this sort of self-serving, lack of integrity that is destroying our faith in democracy not seeking a second referendum or demanding politicians listen to the concerns of the electorate and do something about it. I am sick of being lectured by these two about ‘respecting the will of the people’ only for them to abandon their principles at the drop of a hat.

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