World Health Organisation consider declaring a ‘Brexit Delusion’ epidemic

The level of Brexit delusion has been building quickly over the last few months but today we can finally call it out for the epidemic that it has become.

Just hours after May’s ‘constructive’ talks with Labour seemed to be over Philip Hammond has said he is “optimistic” Brexit talks between both sides can reach “some form of agreement”. May refused to abandon her ‘deal’ and was clear that a confirmatory vote was never going to happen yet today Hammond said the government had “no red lines” and an “open mind”. We could call it bullshit. We could call it deception. We could call it many things but it is really just the height of delusion.

Hammond’s motivations to make such a statement are probably just to keep the dream alive but May’s track record proves the exact opposite. Compromise does not exist and this was proven in further talks with the leaders of the other parties yesterday.

Corbyn is also delusional if he thinks he can get May to agree to all of his red lines or even any of them. ‘The lady is not for turning’ seems to be the apt phrase. Two intractable forces with their own agendas and an English Channel of water clear between their ideologies. But to be fair, Corbyn’s principles are based on discussion and anyone discounting this is also delusional. He’s doing what he has always been a champion for but thinking he will get anywhere of value would be an underestimation of May’s strength and stability (in Pershing really crap ideology anyway).

May continued to annoy our EU brethren by seeking an extension until the end of June which has been rejected repeatedly by Brussels. The world is watching this fact-checks with a mixture of baited breath, incredulity, and ironic amusement and we can’t blame them. The EU have been clear at every stage that the cannot break any of their rules just to keep May in power and make Brexit a success at the detriment of their other members. Yet on we plod banging our collective heads against a wall of certainty thanks to May being the worst negotiator of all time. A key skill is to listen and it is clear that she is doing everything but this.

Mark Francois, a recent addition to the mainstream madness, is deluded if he thinks getting a bit shouty will convince anyone other than BBC News viewers that BREXIT MUST happen. Apparently he was never trained to lose while in the Territorial Army and therefore he can’t! Delusion tinged with creepy arrogance.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has adopted a Trump-level of Tweet productivity in the last few days in the deluded hope he can get people to forget he was just about to back May’s ‘deal’ before the vote was pulled yet again. If people start to forget his betrayal of his core principles then I am more than happy to remind them. He then suggests we should be really obstructive if we are ‘forced into a long EU extension’. To suggest that he and his friends have been anything else during the whole process is yet more evidence of the epidemic.

The Daily Mail is deluded if they think stirring Patriotism with more hateful headlines will do anything other than embolden more racism and decision. They certainly won’t get the Brexit their owners so desire.

TIG are delusional if they think they will remain relevant after this is all finished. Their followers are utterly deluded if they believe the polls, which they seem to, showing voters will back them across the U.K. in the next election because they only have 12 candidates. Let’s not forget that there are over 640 constituencies that make up our democratic base.

Farage is the King of Delusion if he thinks he will be successful in being re-elected as an MEP, if it reaches that stage, as the people will hopefully realise he is the least effective MEP ever. Actually perhaps this makes me the deluded one on this occasion as people still seem to love this absolute charlatan. He is reluctantly aiming to run again and anyone who believes he is reluctant is deluded to think he would give up the cushy number and platform he currently enjoys all too much.

Brexiteers in the House of Lords were proven delusional as they attempted to delay the Cooper Amendment beyond it’s useful date forgetting the procedural abilities of it’s members. Cue much pontificating that no one outside of the House heard as life moves on outside of the Chamber.

Junior Ministers who resigned as a point of principle this week are deluded if they think they made any difference. May has the greatest number of Ministerial resignations ever and in the shortest time ever. Can you remember the names of those who resigned this week to support a No Deal? Me neither.

Labour MPs who wrote to Corbyn backing a No Deal are deluded if they think their representation will sway the Party in that direction. They represent just 10% of the PLP and Corbyn has been totally against No Deal throughout this whole thing. His Brexit plan might be a bit unclear but on this matter he couldn’t be clearer.

And the delusion goes on and on. It can only be a matter of time before the WHO recognise this as the epidemic that it is and declare a quarantine to prevent the rest of the world being afflicted. Perhaps Trump supporters began this whole viral spread but that is a different blog entirely.

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