Meet the EU Election candidates (Part 1)

The Brexit Party and Change UK et al have obviously been busy over the Easter break scraping the barrel in order to field candidates who have a few skeletons in their collective closets. I would suggest that they individually would like people to forget their previous form but they would probably wear a badge of honour if they were able to find one in Clintons.

So, just who are they?

– Claire Fox (The Brexit Party)- This candidate has defended Gary Glitter’s right to download obscene child pornography! Yes, you actually read that correctly. Someone who wishes to represent the U.K. in the EU Parliament actively stated that a convicted paedophile should be entitled to download extreme sexual images involving young children. As if that wasn’t bad enough she has openly tried to rewrite history in order to whitewash the war crimes of Milosevic. Add to that repeated attaches on multiculturalism and you have a candidate that slots right into Farage’s style. Exactly who would she represent? Child-endangering, racist apologists? Hmmmmmm

– Anne Widdecome (The Brexit Party)- Anne is probably the most high-profile candidate fielded so far thanks to her involvement in various light entertainment TV shows. Her multiple appearances on a Saturday night dance-off can’t hide the fact that she left the Church of England in 1993 because they decided to ordain women priests. She has also actively campaigned as an anti-abortionist and against LGBTQ rights.

– Ali Sadjady (Change UK)- This candidate actually had to resign yesterday because of a deeply held belief that Brexit would ‘stop Romanian pickpockets’ on the streets of Britain. So, to follow his thoughts through to a logical conclusion he wants to leave the most successful multinational organisation on the planet (which still admittedly has issues it needs to resolve though) just to stop something that is dangerous stereotyping nonsense. It begs the question whether there is any vetting process in place at all in these Parties.

– Joseph Russo (Change UK)- Yet another candidate was forced to resign after he stated that he was ‘scared of black women’. Where do they get these people from?

– Lance Forman (The Brexit Party)- Once Tweeted that he thought the Gherkin building in the centre of London looked like it was ‘wearing a burka’. Hardly a progressive unifier who could claim to represent anyone with even a shred of decency.

– Gerard Batten (UKIP)- Alongside his pathetically concealed racism this man drafted Stephen Yaxley-Lennon into the Party to be a ‘consultant on muslims’. He has also recently defended rape threats by one of his candidates as ‘satire’. He’s actually like Farage+++

– Nigel Farage (The Brexit Party)- A quick scan through this blog site will reveal the many, many instances where Nigel has proven himself entirely unfit to represent anyone other than his own ego and personal interests. Rather than rehash those again let’s just mention the fact that he is advocating for, and by extension the Party supporting, the absolute privatisation of the NHS. Oh, and despite his hatred of the EU’s ‘mass wastage of money’ he intends to claim his EU-funded pension after Brexit despite having the worst attendance record of any MEP in history.

And one last one to finish off….

To be continued….. (sadly more xenophobia and charlatans will undoubtedly join in the race over the coming weeks)

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