Even a barely adequate British future in real danger of extinction by 31st October 2019

What a week it had been! We could talk endlessly about Trump’s visit which he hailed as a huge success thanks to an adoring British public but that isn’t what this blog is about. We will however start with Trump in a roundup of a week that has further fractured any shred of self-respect our country still claimed to have.

– On Sunday the US Ambassador told the world that any trade deal with the USA post-Brexit must include access to NHS services. I think we were always told that this wouldn’t happen and anyone who said it would was classed as spreading Project Fear! I hate that phrase as it must be the most disingenuous political phrase of all time. Trump repeated this during a press conference while May stood by and temporarily stopped nodding like the Churchill dog from the adverts. She didn’t dispute it though but that’s because…..

The next day Trump kind of backtracked on the principle of expecting an NHS sell off despite all proof (from video footage and tens of millions of witnesses on the Evening News) showing that he did actually say this. Let’s not forget that he called Meghan Markle ‘nasty’ in a radio interview and, even when presented with a recording, denied this. Not exactly the high quality trading partner anyone would want.

– The Brexit Party stated that they would allow ‘parts’ of the NHS to be sold off to secure a trade deal with Trump. The word ‘parts’ is particularly vague but it can only be the start of a slippery slope. Several of the goons contending to be the next PM stated that they might need to consider selling aspects of the NHS to get a trade deal while others stated that they would never endorse this (while secretly calculating how long after winning they could declare any mention of this was Fake News a la Trump).

-Just before we leave Trump entirely we need to consider that the ‘stable genius’ we are looking at to be our main partner after Brexit (if it does happen) Tweeted the following after addressing a D-Day event. No further words about this ‘man’ are needed.

– The Brexit Party were thankfully defeated in their quest to get their first elected MP on Thursday which was great news. What was utterly appalling was Corbyn moving against a People’s Vote yet again in his latest flip. Why? Because they won this by-election! That proves that Labour’s Brexit Plan has been endorsed by the public! Excuse my language but does it shite! Labour won by just over 600 votes which is hardly a ringing endorsement! So while I am gladdened to see Farage whupped this puts a sour note in any Remainers throat.

– The day after he hid in the toilet for 15 minutes once it became clear that the Brexit Party were not going to win the by-election and then escaped the building out of a fire exit to avoid the press, Farage took a visit to Downing Street. He hand3 over a letter demanding he be given a chief role in Brexit negotiations because…… well because he wants one! I think Iโ€™m going to find a half-dried slug from my compost heap, pop a tie on it and demand that it is given a seat at the table! They have the same credibility and entitlement as Nige! Why won’t he just bugger off?

– While all this was going on we have several Tory Leadership candidates suggesting that they would prorogue (suspend for those of you who might need a Google definition like me) Parliament in the weeks running up to October 31st to prevent any last minute Parliamentary sovereignty over a possible No Deal Brexit! Suspending Parliament to stop the democratic process enshrined in law by using an obscure process designed for some unremembered purpose. What a bunch of ‘bawbags’ as my Scottish EU-loving friends might say.

– John Bercow, who will probably be Speaker until Brexit is resolved (might be in it for the long haul), stat3 clearly that Parliament will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be prorogued to stop people from scrutinising and voting on Brexit issues in the run up to the latest departure date. Guess what happened next? And certainly not before Brecow’s announcement that is a legitimate use of his position. Within a few hours three of the Leadership hopeless hopefuls had Tweeted to say that they found the idea of proroguing Parliament abhorrent. Nothing to do with trying to score points after the gate had been closed.

– Brexidous continued with Ford shuttering one of it’s U.K. plants with almost immediate effect. Exactly what they said they would have to do because of Brexit despite what Brexiteers are trying to spin. Another 1,500 jobs flushed down the Brexit toilet and massive numbers of families effected instantly once the announcement was made. The list of major firms who have reduced their U.K. workforce or fled abroad now looks something like the following thanks to Leave voters and pushers (I’m warming to that term more and more as this situation effects us like an illegal drug epidemic):




















JP Morgan









Body Shop

Dudson Of Stoke-On-Trent



British Steel

And that doesn’t take into account the impact on medium-sized and smaller firms, reduction of inward investment and reduced consumer confidence.

Oh we haven’t finished yet my friends!

– The chief Civil Servant with responsibility for controlling the UK’s borders after Brexit has quit. She had been given so little information and support that she had thought to herself ‘sod this for a game of soldiers’ and found a better paying job with an actual purpose. To say that the department she worked in is now in disarray would indicate that it was ever different which is not the case.

– Brexit Consultants have cost the U.K. taxpayer over ยฃ100,000,000 now a,king it one of the most lucrative parts of the sector! Brexit is big business and people are rolling around in our hard-earned cash.

– Chukka Change Ummuna established his second ‘different style of politics’ in almost as many months after Change UKs disastrous showing in the EU elections. ‘We made some mistakes’ he said to the surprise of no one at all.

Yet another short-lived political movement I shan’t be paying any attention too now that I’ve stopped laughing my arse off at the whole debacle!

So, to summarise, the future of the U.K. is more in doubt than ever before but the fight is not over yet! We just have to redouble our efforts and we will undoubtedly succeed! But bloody hell! What a load of unnecessary anxiety, loss, suffering and ego-boosting crap we have to ensure on a daily basis!


Trumpโ€™s latest idea is to let Farage negotiate Brexit on our behalf! Trump is the man with the best ideas after all! Honestly the best. The very best! He is the man with the bestest ideas ever ever ever! Nobody in history knows better ideas than him! ๐Ÿ™„

Donald J Trump wins the award for crappest advice of the week! Not content with spreading proven lies, utterly shit ideas and hatred in his own country he’s decided to jump right in and do the same here yet again.

Trump has made no secret of any of his opinions and has even claimed that Theresa May was foolish not to follow his advice in the past with regards to Brexit. Based on his comments in the past it’s unclear whether he knows the difference between the EU and the UN but that would come as no surprise to anyone taking a birds-eye view of his Presidency so far.

On the eve of his State Visit to our fair land he has decided to endorse the most ridiculous Brexit idea since Chris Grayling’s no-ferry ferry plan. That’s a tough one to beat but Trump is giving it a damned good try.

Incredibly Mr Trump thinks that the best way forward is to send Farage to Brussels to negotiate Brexit on our behalf.

Pause for unsurprising yet disbelieving reaction.

Yup! The man who has failed to be elected as an MP on 7 occasions (once being beaten by a man in a dolphin costume as I regularly remind visitors to my blog) should represent this divided nation during the most complex discussions we have faced in generations. The very same man who has compared the EU to an international Mafia racket and regularly has a pop at Tusk, Barnier et al on a personal level. Not content with offending those who he is employed to work with on our behalf, he’s now got the Leader of the Free World backing him up 100% and his smug rating has hit an absolute peak!

Just imagine that the man with the lowest attendance record of any MEP ever was to fly to the heart of the EU on our behalf. The negotiations would last all of two minutes if not less.

Tusk: Welcome Mr Fara….

Farage: Let me just stop you there. I don’t want any kind of deal.

Barnier: What? Not any kind of future relat….

Farage: And you can shut up too! Let’s just say that we tried but you lot are intransigent meddlers who want to form an EH Superstate before sending millions of them migrants over to abuse our NHS and milk the common man for everything they can.

Tusk: That is simply not true and you know that Mr Fara…..

Farage: Of course it’s bollocks but I’m here to represent the will of the people of the United Kingdom. Well actually, not Scotland. Those heathens over the northern border don’t know what’s good for them. They still keep cows in their houses in the winter to act as central heating!

Barnier: Are you really claiming that…..

Farage: I’ve had enough of your nonsense chum. We should never have joined the EU in the first place and so we’re leaving. Right now! Put the U.K. down for a ‘No Deal’ and I’ll be on my way. Got seeds of discontent to sow you know. I haven’t got time to discuss important things with you foreign types you know? I’m sick to death of the lot of you. You need us more than we need you. And anyway I’ve got my best mate Trump on my side so up yours Francois!

Tusk: But Trump is a liar and a fraud who….

Farage: You’re just jealous! He’s promised me the greatest ever trade deal! The best trade deal that the world has ever seen! He knows business and would never treat me as badly as you lot. His record speaks for itself!

Tusk: But the facts….

Farage: Facts? Facts? Who needs facts when rampant nationalism will keep the poor energised and active? So long. Don’t call us. We’ll call you! Or not. Fucking foreign busy bodies with their sense of self-importance. What a shower of lefty shite. You’ll regret the day you tried to manipulate The Farage.

And up he gets and slams the door behind him on any chance of a bright future for the U.K.

Trump you can take your advice and shove it! Your style of politics and ideology has no place in our lives. All you’ve done is give a temporary floating boost to the most dangerous man in Britain and we won’t forget that! Jog on

Donโ€™t lose sight of the fact that there were some positives for Remain and decency in the EU Elections

Let’s begin with one of the outstanding pieces of news from the night:

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon received just 2,100 votes in my home region of the North so the closest he’ll get to Brussels anytime soon is by purchasing some SmartPrice pate from ASDA! The fact he got as many votes as he did is deeply sad but now he might realise that his place isn’t on the big stage and will crawl back under the rock he came from. Jog on you neo-Nazi scumbag. He got less votes than a Britain’s Got Talent reject and hopefully his backers will now withdraw their financial support for him and starve him of the resources he needs to spread his messages of hate.

The milkshakes have spoken!

Other key developments of positivity that we shouldn’t forget underneath the loud celebrations of Goon-In-Chief Farage:

– The Tories were annihilated because of their quest to get the worst of all outcomes and infighting that would be found outside a nightclub after last orders. Their mandate has gone and the next leader doesn’t stand a chance of getting anything through Parliament without a People’s Vote attached. Their combined total of 9% is unheard of for a sitting government and well deserved.

– The Lib Dem’s, whether you like them and their wider policies or not, surged ahead in the polls and that is entirely down to their pro-Remain stance. Bollocks to Brexit indeed. They weren’t too far behind the Brexit Party (only a couple of percentage points overall) showing that Remain is still alive and kicking!

– Change UK were nowhere in sight ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

– Labour, my usual Party of choice, were battered by the voting public and this should be the wake up call that should see them finally get behind Remain and a People’s Vote. Already this morning senior MPs are pushing strongly for a People’s Vote now and this can only be the way forward for them now considering the motion that was passed at the Conference last year. Time to move on and back the winning horse. The way to unite the people has never been less clear but the only way forward is to unite us all by giving us another chance to have our voice heard on the way things have panned out. Revoking Article 50 would do nothing but boost the flames yet again with a gallon of warm petrol. The only option that will get us moving forwards, and it will not be popular with everyone for sure, is to hold a second referendum.

– The Greens increased their share of votes across the U.K. and Europe which strengthens the pro-Remain movement and keeps the impetus behind taking a stand against climate change which can only be a good thing.

– UKIP are dead and buried with the top racist, Gerrard Batton, losing his seat. We will hopefully never hear from them again.

There is no doubting that the results are disastrous overall but, by focusing on the positives above, we still have hope and we can still win this!

We will Remain ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ Don’t give up

We need to seize the moment and build on our successes by winning this tug of war

And let’s not lose sight of this beautiful nugget

Votes for Brexit Party:


Petition to revoke Article 50:



Thursdayโ€™s election was yet another kick in the clacks for our friends and neighbours

You turn up at the Polling Station and even though you know your voting intentions you still have a quick glance at the other candidates just out of interest. Then you see this and it’s like a mega slap in the face or a kick in the goolies even though you’d rather eat a bar of public toilet soap than vote for the Brexit Party:

What an absolute sham! It’s not enough that turkeys voted for Christmas because now got turkeys telling other turkeys to vote for Christmas from outside of the farm where they are protected from disaster!

That is, of course, on the understanding you were allowed into the Polling Booth which wasn’t everyone’s experience on the occasion of this significant opportunity to shiw unity with the EU.

The Electoral Commission have one job! Just one and yet they managed to balls it up yet again.

With the (happy, happy) news surrounding May’s departure and the incoming election results there is one story that should not be missed out. It made the headlines on Polling Day but has virtually disappeared into the ether just like the time that your Government was declared in contempt of Parliament for the first time EVER (remember that one being the sensational scandal it actually should have been?) or the time that our Brexit Secretary admitted he didn’t know the importance of the Dover-Calais route (a brief news mention before moving on merrily to some waffle about some other country where their politicians are corrupt or incompetent).

Brexit has brought us a whole mountain of stories that should be placed in the fiction section of your local Waterstones but in fact have become the norm in our topsy-turvy lives. We might roll our eyes at some of them or shake our head, incredulous at just what the hell is happening to our country.

This is a story that we should not let slip. This is an event that demonstrates everything that is wrong with our approach to EU citizens living in the U.K.

On Thursday hundreds, and possibly thousands, of EU citizens were denied their vote in the MEP elections. They turned up at Polling Stations up and down the country in order to make their voice heard in a way enshrined in EU law. Now naturally they were probably going to be voting for a pro-Remain Party because of their status and this might be why coverage has been limited since the media were allowed to report on other political events after polling closed (their ability to do this during polling hours is rightly limited).

Imagine for just one moment that you had left behind your country of birth and moved to a foreign land to seek a better or different life. You grew up there. You fell in love there. You called it your home and maybe even had children there. Then for 3 years you were thrown into a personal crisis when you didn’t know what your future held. You became bargaining chips in a political struggle that you didn’t ask for or that was even necessary. You heard different things every day about what might happen and the sand kept shifting beneath your feet with nauseating regularity. You were told to apply for Settled Status, at a cost, only to find out that your phone wasn’t the right type to let you do that.

That would be a shitty enough set of circumstances to live through but then imagine you turned up to cast your vote only to be turned away because of a clerical error. Finally, you had glimpsed a shred of light in all the gloom and it was your chance to demonstrate that you were all about international cooperation and were hopeful that this could lead, finally, to some resolution of the turmoil of you have been living through.

This is cruelty. Nothing less than outright cruelty and as a country we should be ashamed that this has happened.

Under EU law citizens are entitled to vote in their constituency of residence but that was denied to them.

The Electoral Commission said that there wasn’t enough time to get everyone registered before the vote yet it could be seen that this would happen from a mile off. They simply didn’t act in good faith and people have been denied their rights. People could have registered and then, if the vote was pulled because a deal had been agreed, no harm would have been done.

This is not just about the denial of this right but a continuance of incredibly shabby treatment of citizens. Our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends and families. Absolutely shabby. We can never claim again to live in enlightened times when this kind of ‘error’ occurs. Imagine thinking and knowing that you had the right for something only to have it snatched away. On top of all the shabby treatment you had already endured for over 1,000 days and nights.

No wonder people are angry but I don’t think we’re angry enough! We CANNOT forget this.

And then we have a situation where postal votes from U.K. citizens living in the EU were not counted due to a similar incompetence. THE EU have lodged a formal complaint that people still hadn’t received their postal vote by the day of the election and if they did they probably didn’t have enough time to get it returned.

It is indeed an affront to democracy and we can’t, and don’t want, to sweep it under the carpet.

The Electoral Commission, who have just one single job, made an absolute arse of this whole thing.

They state that this would make no material difference to the outcome and even if that is true, we still shouldn’t forget that a vote is about more than just a slip of paper that gets added to a pile. It is a voice. It is a hope. And it is a right.

Many denied but certainly not forgotten.