Time to question

Why did (lots of) people vote to Leave:

-Misled by Leave Campaign

-Annoyed by Remain Campaign

-Enamoured by the power of Farage which was built up by the media


-Unjustified fear of the impact of immigration

-Promises provided by the Leave campaign for cash injections into the NHS

-Public declarations that questioned the educational level of ‘Leavers’

-A complete misunderstanding of what ‘Leave’ would mean including shorter queues at Disneyland Paris
Reasons to halt Brexit right now

-The increasing prospect of ‘No Deal’

-Economic predictions

-The plunging value of the pound everytime Mes May makes a Brexit speech

-The current and openly planned exodus by major firms to other areas within the EU

-The utter ineptitude of our negotiating team

-The OECD report saying Brexit will destroy our economy

-The ‘shit before substance’ stance of many Brexiteers

-The hung-ho attitude of many that would see those who won’t be able to weather an economic catastrophe that is headed our way

-The potential break up of the UK which is increasingly likely due to Brexit (including London)

-The need for stabilising progress, by Christmas, before the Financial Centre of London thinks they will need to relocate

-Our global status in decline

-Claims we will be fine when gaining new trade deals! Bombadier at 330% tax levy enforced by a USCourt! Not Trump! A court of law

-A 29% increase in hate crimes clearly aligned to The Brexit process

-Uncertainty of the rights of EU citizens living here and UK citizens living abroad

-A decimation of the number of EU nurses applying to work in the U.K.

-A significant reduction in the number of EU students applying to study in the U.K.

-Families applying to move to the EU to stay together despite decades of security

-Raising inflation

-The 38% of our food demand being imported facing long delays and import taxes

-The dangerous threat of a hard border in Ireland which would ignite a new civil war

-No agreement on much needed radioactive isotope imports after Brexit effecting those who require them for cancer investigation procedures

-Limited cultural integration

-Significant deficits in social care employment

-Limited cultural exchanges

-The potential for massive disruption to travel into and out of the EU for U.K. Citizens

-WTO tariffs applied across all exports

-Giving credibility to nationalists for xenophobic behaviour

-Higher inflation, lower economic growrh equally people financially poorer

And on and on and on

Brexit is a clusterfuck of unprecedented proportions and needs to be stopped now

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