Groundhog Day approaches

Today Theresa May has decided to reject her stated idea for cross-party talks to reach a Brexit consensus. So, her key plan moving forwards, that she suggested, is now in the bin. I have to admit that I am unsurprised. As she lurches from one day to the next, clinging on to power it seems that she is just saying anything that pops into her head to extend her terrible time as PM.

Her latest idea is to try and agree a bi-lateral deal with Ireland to prevent a hard border. Ok so it is something slightly different so what’s the problem? The EU have dismissed this approach and the Irish government have said this does not stand a single hope of going anywhere.

As we plunge into a day when May must present her ideas to an increasingly hostile Parliament (that somehow have confidence in her and the team despite having no confidence just hours and days earlier) her new plan is the same as the last plan with a new bit of sugar coating that no one wants any part of.

Is it that she just isn’t listening is it that she is determined to push us to the absolute brink of chaos? Her plans lack coherence and any rational thought. It’s almost like she thrives on disaster and rejection. In the meanwhile we all stand by, anxious, angry and increasingly confused.

To use a classic phrase it’s just ‘same shit, different day’ and we are just supposed to put up with this as the clock ticks down at an increasingly fast pace.

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