Perhaps we should just rely on the European Press for actual news

The Dutch paper De Volkskrant sums up our current situation beautifully – “The MPs are unable to agree about much and were making more noise than the proponents and opponents of Brexit who were protesting outside. The Scots do not want a Brexit at all, Labour wants to keep one leg in the EU, the Brexiteers want to go into battle against the EU like Don Quixote, and the Northern Irish unionists want to drag as much money out of London as possible.”

Italy’s Corriere della Sera paints a truly bleak but realistic picture. “Brexit is not to be delayed and the spectre of London’s no-deal, catastrophic exit from the EU is getting closer. If no way out is found at this point, Great Britain will fall into the abyss on 29 March.”

But it is The Irish Times that brings the absolute truth home to roost with their analysis- “It appeared up to recently that Theresa May accepted the need for the backstop guarantees. Her volte face, ironically, only underlines the need for a legally operable backstop guarantee.”

In the U.K. all we got today was self-serving congratulatory bullshit

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