May’s ‘deal’ is toast and the EU must not be blamed

With just over 96 hours until May’s meaningless ‘meaningful’ vote on her ‘deal’ the press are out in force to shift the blame onto the EU for a failure to secure changes to the Withdrawal Agreement.

The language here is important. ‘Olive branch’ and ‘plea’ seem to imply that Theresa May is trying to fight for the greater good when the truth is exactly the opposite. Her ‘deal’ was first published before the summer and has remained virtually unchanged since then. From the outset she has been told by the Eu that there could be no compromises over the red lines it created. They were prepared to accept it in it’s entirety and everyone signed up to it in November. A legally binding agreement that was heralded as real progress in our self-destructing mission to leave the EU.

Then came the realisation that the Withdrawal Agreement would never pass through the House of Commons. Issues over ‘vassal state’, the ECJ and citizens rights stacked up like a box of Pringles and May delayed the vote knowing she would lose in spectacular style. Ever since then May has thrown her all and the might of her government behind securing changes to get her ‘deal’ through Parliament. Since Day 1 the EU have said ‘non’ yet she has plugged away much to the frustration of negotiators and politicians in Brussels.

The EU have been patient, insistent and clear. No changes to the Withdrawal Bill. But please can you change it? No changes? Please? No changes. You will change it or we’ll throw a tantrum. No changes. And on and on and on and on. More meaningless ‘meaningful’ votes cancelled. More companies leaving the U.K. More EU citizens deciding their future no longer lies in Britain. More uncertainty. More frustration. More anger.

Finally the message might have sunk in. There will be no change to the Withdrawal Bill and it will never make it through Parliament. Out rolls numerous Brexiteers blaming the EU including Jeremy ‘dismantle the NHS’ Hunt whose sole purpose is to secure foreign relations. The level of delusion is staggering.

May has not offered an olive branch at the last minute. May’s pleas were desperate but she has known for over 6 months that this would happen. She has kicked the can but she has finally run out of road.

It is not Barnier who has brought about humiliation for May. She has done this to herself and, sadly, has dragged the country with her. On Tuesday the ‘deal’ will be rejected. Perhaps not by the 230 votes it was last time as there are significant concerns that the only other option is No Deal but this won’t happen after recent votes and challenges on behalf of MPs with morals. Whatever the weight of the defeat actually is this becomes the start of a new chapter in this whole Brexit debacle.

May has earned her humiliation and the EU deserve not a shred of blame for this.

What comes next is still anyone’s guess but at least this prolonged, humiliating, destructive part is over.

This could even see the end of Brexit. Something May is trying to use to get backing for her ‘deal’ not realising that this is exactly what the majority of people now actually want.

Dare we hope this is the end of Brexit? If it’s not then surely this is a mortal wound and May gets all the credit.

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