Unsurprisingly money is still being ‘spaffed up the wall’ on The Festival of Brexit 🙄 (our 700th post)

You would be forgiven for thinking that any plans for a national celebration for a nationalistic departure from the EU had been shelved but nope. The government this week suspended planning for a No Deal Brexit while planning for the ‘Festival of Britain’ continued.

It seems fitting that this is the 700th Bollocks2Brexit blog post as this whole thing continues to rip the sanity from the soul of our country. Our leaders are planning to spend countless billions for an extended party to celebrate something that, hopefully, will never happen. As all polls show (and I know we need to treat polls with caution) the country is absolutely sick of this shambles and the desire to Remain is outstripping the urge to Leave, why waste even more money?

In the week when it was revealed that £6.5billion of our taxpayer cash had been spent in No Deal preparation activities and our economy had suffered a £66billion hit already, why not continue to ‘spaff (more) money up the wall’, to quote Brexit Johnson?

After all this time we need a celebration that will unite this country rather than divide it further. A celebration of Britain is, in theory, a good idea but by basing it on the most divisive episode in living memory this is destined to be an epic mistake. This won’t be a tribute to what it means to be British in any meaningful way and in fact will probably be the exact opposite. I can imagine, and feel free to disagree as always, this turning into an opportunity for extremists to continue spreading their hateful message of isolationism. You can just see the St George flag lining the streets alongside chants of ‘go home’ aimed at any EU citizens who have managed to achieve settled status. That is not a celebration of being British. Undoubtedly people will be interviewed talking about what an inspirational person the Queen is and coverage will predictably neglect the massive problems that will still face our society if we actually do leave.

By 2022, the year of Brexit, our country will either be still experiencing the devastation of Brexit or trying to fix the damage that the last three years has brought to the U.K. The last thing that we need is to spend a fortune on a series of events to commemorate the catastrophic impact of this national disaster. Instead we should have a national day of remembrance.

Jo Cox would probably be appalled at the suggestion of the Festival of Brexit and would suggest something along the lines of being Better United and I think that is the way forward. Let’s get this thing stopped and focus all of our efforts on healing the division and resolving the other problems that have been neglected while the government have been absolutely distracted by this whole shebang.

Once this is over, and we hopefully remain part of the EU, the last thing I want is the hatred and division of the last 3 years dredged up. If we do leave the EU (nooooooooo) the last thing I will be doing is putting on a comedy hat and throwing streamers in the street.

Brexit has been founded on lies, self-interest and a right-wing agenda that is frightening and I think I can safely say that virtually no one will be planning the kind of street parties that someone in Whitehall envisioned when they came up with this idea.

Why would we want to celebrate such an absolute shit show? We don’t and to suggest otherwise does nothing other than take us further away from the goal of bringing the country together.

This blog has continued longer than I ever anticipated it doing but, with events spinning out of all control, I’m not stopping yet. A quick glance through any of the previous 699 posts will demonstrate what a terrible idea Brexit is. It’s not just a testament to my passion for Remain but a catalogue of what a tragedy this is and why we need to Revoke Article 50 or hold a People’s Vote to get out of this mess. Our fellow Brits are suffering the effects of Cameron’s folly on a daily basis and it is only getting worse. A celebration of this period in our history is an incredibly bad idea and these plans need shelving alongside the paperwork for the no-ferry ferry plan.

Stop the madness not celebrate it!

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